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10 Best Apps To Help You Make Powerful Powerpoint Presentations

Here are ten (10) best apps that you can choose to make sure that you have the excellent options in making a catchy powerpoint presentation for any purpose.

A cloud-based graphic design software, Visme is also one of the best apps you can use in creaing powerful powerpoint presentations. Whether you are a designer or not, it has the features to get you doing not only an excellent presentation but even infographics, social media graphics, and a lot more.

Visme offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and thousands of templates as well as a built-in library of icons, characters, fonts, images, illustrations that come for free. It also allows the unblurring and upscaling of images, tracking of presentation performance, and the creation of bar design across all the slides. It also offers excellent animation and transition options.

Best Apps for Powerpoint

Prezi is not just about popularity. There is a reason why it achieved prominence like how it allows users to create engaging powerpoint presentations in a non-linear way. It also allows users to embed interactive elements like video and audio presentation inside the project.


Another cloud-based graphic design software in the list is Canva. It offers tons of graphic elements that users can choose from as well as some static start options. It also has visually-appealing slide templates and allows users to ensure correction dimensions of slides.

Best Apps for Powerpoint

Are you looking for an app that will allow you to create a powerpoint presentation that can hook your audience effortlessly? Beautifiul.ai offers visually-appealing templates that you can use in your project and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that allows users to easily slide points for re-ordering of the slides. Its focus is presentation design.


Venngage is an infographic maker that also allows the creation of powerful powerpoint presentations. It features an easy-to-use dashboard that is excellent even for beginners. It has well-designed templates, icons, and photos that you can use in the project.

Best Apps for Powerpoint

Also one of the best apps in making a powerpoint presentation is Slidebean which is an AI-powered presentation creator. It allows users to separate the content from the designs of the slide, to input the content in one section, and let the AI assemble the content pieces around the page.


Coming from the Zoho family of Work and Business apps, the Zoho show offers a full-fledged collaboration tool in the creation of presentations which can either be static or animated. The project can work across Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. It offers a large selection of premade templates and lots of integrations. You can make the work online or offline.

Best Apps for Powerpoint

Another cloud-based graphic design software in the list is Infogram. It has premade templates that can help you make the work in an easier process along with the options for animation and transition features. It also allows the addition of graphs and charts to the slides.


If you are looking for a web and mobile-based app that can help you in creating powerful powerpoint presentations, why not try Haiku Deck? It will allow you to edit the project in both areas so you can work on it anytime and anywhere.

Best Apps for Powerpoint

Another powerpoint presention creator app that has both web and mobile versions is Keynote. It is the Apple version of PowerPoint thus it is only available for iOS smartphones, tablets and computers but has powerful features that are packed handy. It offers a wide array of themese.

Best Apps for Powerpoint

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