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Unique, Efficient and Highly-Effective Plug-ins

Is the plugin you need in your WordPress not yet available in the market? Worry no more, we got you!


What is a plugin?

Your WordPress website may not have all the functions you need or you want added unique features – this is where plugins set in.
Plugin is a piece of software that allows users to easily customize and enhance their websites.

How we can help you?

Our team of programmers is ready to assist you in developing plugins that serve your specific needs for your website.

You need a plugin that is still not available in the market? Rest assured, we have you covered.

Where do we start?

Deciding on a plugin can be a perplexing task. Different websites need different plugins.

With Themesation, should you need some help in identifying which plugin you will need, we are ready to talk with you and bring your vision to life.

We can customize plugins for you…

Plugins come in various types and variations based on their functionality. Below, you can check the list of the essential basic plugins and we can make some tweak and upgrades, or create new plugins that are yet available in the market.

SEO Plugins

search engine optimization
improve page rankings
manage metadata

Security Plugins

firewall protection
malware scanning
login protection

Performance Plugins

caching content
optimizing images
minimizing code

Contact Form Plugins

form builder
email services integration
contact form management

Analytics Plugins

website analytics
visitor behavior analysis
traffic sources tracking

Event Calendar Plugins

event registration
RSVP functionality

Membership Plugins

content restriction
user registration management
social feeds display

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What customers are saying

We are happy to have brought a lot of our clients’ requests to completion and we’re glad to share with you the testimonials of some of the people our team has worked with.
Drake Simon
Thanks to the amazing team! Highly-recommended most especially for those who are looking for solutions in equipping their websites with necessary and highly-functional plugins. Make your work easier in an instant.
Paulo Caleb
The plugins are superb and the team is very efficient in doing the project. I received it way ahead of the originally scheduled timeframe for the conclusion of the plugin development. Kudos!
Lin Xiao
感谢主题团队! 这些插件功能强大,让我的日常工作更加轻松。 对你们所有人来说都很棒

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