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Best Bookmarking Apps for 2024

BOOKMARK – Here are some of the best bookmarking apps that you should consider for the year 2024.

A bookmark is a tool or feature used to mark a place for easy retrieval later. It can refer to both physical items used in books and digital tools used in web browsers or documents.

Bookmarks can be made from many materials, including paper or cardboard, fabric or ribbon, leather, metal (like silver or brass), plastic, or wood. Some books have built-in bookmarks, usually ribbons sewn into the binding.

Best Bookmarking Apps

This tool started around in the 1st century AD wherein people used small strips of parchment or cord as bookmarks. Paper and cardboard bookmarks became more common as books became more available.

There are several types of bookmarks such as simple, decorative, clip-on, thin, acid-free, and free of dyes.

Digital bookmarks are electronic ways to save and quickly access web pages or specific locations in digital content. These apps can help you save and organize online content for later use.

Here are some of the best bookmarking apps for 2024:


The app can help you save content from any device or app. Organize saved content with tags and access your saved items without an internet connection. Get personalized content recommendations based on your saved items.


This app helps you save web pages and notes in one place. It can organize your saved content using tags and notebooks. It has a powerful search to find saved content quickly.


This tool is able to save bookmarks, articles, photos, and videos, and organize bookmarks with collections and tags. It can easily find any saved content, share collections, and collaborate with others.


It has a minimalist design with a quick saving of bookmarks and can organize bookmarks with tags. Users may choose to keep bookmarks private or share them publicly.


Save articles and videos for later reading, highlight text, and add notes to saved articles. Users can access saved items without an internet connection.

Google Keep

Google Keep can save web pages and organize them with labels and colors. It set reminders for saved content share notes and collaborate with others in real-time.

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